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Visa O1

Work Visa O-1 for individuals with skills or achievements outside series

The division of the Visa O -3 visas is: O-1, O- 2 and O-3. The O -1 visa is for people with extraordinary abilities in a domestic or global degree in science, arts, education, economics or sports. People with achievements outside standard on the market of cinema and / or TV are able to equally manage O-1 visa, as long as the work they have done is in a subject of accomplishments outside series. The O-2 visas are usually for people who support the carrier of the O- 1 visa and the link of the visa holder O-1 and O-2 visa must have been for a long term. The spouse and unmarried children of the carriers of the O-1 visa have the option of getting the O- 3 visas to enter the U.S.A. with the main carrier of the O- 1 visa.

Requirements to be selected: Work to develop has to be reduced. The individual must have skills that are extraordinary in the field of science, arts, education, economy, sports or cinema market or TV. Some examples of this significant aptitude test are contracts, awards, prizes, published material or similar accreditation that reflects the origin of the success of the individual.

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