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Visa E2

E-2 Investor Visa for Developing Countries (Treaty Investor)

Individuals who want to finance in the US could get the E-2 visa Investment agreement. The candidate must be a resident of a country with an agreement to invest in USA. The aim of arrival has to be in order to make a large exchange negotiation between those found technology or other services, basically between U.S.A. and the country of the agreement; or to expand and manage the negotiations of a company in which it has invested, or is in progress to finance a very large sum of funds.

Requirements for collection: The candidate must enter the U.S.A. to expand and lead the negotiations of a company where the candidate has invested or is active in the process of negotiating a high amount of capital. In addition to investing in a commercial company, the investor has to enter the U.S.A. to expand and guide the negotiations of the company where he or she has made the investment. The candidate must own more than fifty percent (50 %), unless the candidate comes as a worker of the company.

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