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Visa E-1

Trade treaty E-1 (Treaty Trader)

The E-1 visa allows foreigners, members of countries with which the United States has a treaty of trade, come to the U.S.A. to develop powerful business, especially among the U.S.A. and the applicant country. The benefit has to be global reciprocity (successfully negotiated agreements between the two sides) of exchange between the US and the treaty country exchange.

Requirements to be selected: Applicant must enter the U.S.A. to run a venture of great financial level, or to promote and lead transactions for a company that conducts business with the country of birth of the candidate. There is no cap on the number of E-1 visas are delivered. Wives ( I ) of individuals having an E – 1 visa equally eligible to also get work in the US usually those with the E-1 visa are accepted for a period of four semesters, and is feasible simply get extensions.

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