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Visa P

P Visa U.S.A. for sportsmen and artists

The P visa is a non-immigrant visa which makes it possible to perform certain individuals temporarily in the USA. The P visa has four ratings: P – 1, P – 2, P – 3 and P – 4. The P visa classification covers foreigners who are sportsmen, visual artist or universally known comic artists. The husband and unmarried children Carrier P visa are able to likewise follow the bearer of the P visa to the U.S.A. along the stay interval. The P – 1 visa may be issued to an individual or a team/group. The P visa makes it possible for individuals who are a part of a group or distraction could come to Use and work temporarily. There are different classifications of visas to individuals who perform, teach or coach in culturally unique courses.

Requirements to be collected:
· Qualifying for the P – 1 visa covers individuals who compete at world- renowned degree.
· The classification of the P – 2 visas is for individuals who are actors or as part of recreation group acting in a mutual exchange program with agencies of the US Accreditation is needed involves formal reciprocal exchange agreements, reciprocity plan descriptions and certainty of rating skills.
· The applicants for the visa P -3 must be over 18, be authorized to perform the work specified in the application, relate effectively and not have resided in the US over the predecessor year.

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