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Visa L-1

L-1 Visa works for transfer from a multinational company

People who work in international companies outside the U.S.A. as professionals, managers or in a work place that needs understanding with specialization, they could qualify to get the L-1 visa to work in USA or transferred to look after an office or another of the same company in the US. If the applicant is already in the US, a change of status could correspond and that would allow the individual to achieve the status of the L-1 visa without that from USA and having to manage the L-1 visa at a US consulate outside that country.
The immigration procedure and a lawyer for the processing of the request for a work visa L-1 is
divided into two steps:
· Step 1: Request
· Step 2: Application

The process of completing and submitting the application for Visa L-1 for transfer of an administration in the same company from another country to the US could be expensive and intricate. The migration L-1 Visa package for workers whose transfer causes the pending procedure is simple and easy to grasp. It is a step by step and easy to use in order to advise you show your request as effective guidance and briefly as plausible.

Requirements for collection: The most important requirement is that the applicant for this visa must be performing outside the U.S.A. and transferred to an affiliate, subsidiary or affiliate in U.S.A or transferred to perform with a US company that is a partner in a “joint venture” of the global company outside U.S.A. where he currently works. There are different requirements to apply, please check the contents in the index request in advance to deliver your request. The package processing of the petition must be ordered at the end of this page.

Supplementary Information: There are no limitations of numerical quotas for work visas and L-1 visas, they could be delivered quickly if the applicant has each of the requirements. Wives (I) and accompanying children who have the L-1 visa equally have the possibility to enter the U.S.A. and they will be issued the L-2 visa.

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