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Visa H1B

H-1B are Visa specialists that works for special tasks

The H-1B Visa makes it very easy for specialists in “special task” make an important contribution to the US Treasury. A maximum of 65,000 H-1B type of Visas are delivered every year. The H-1B Visa is issued for 3 years but could be extended. With the H1-1B Visa, you get a maximum stay of six years in the US and could request for a Residence Card (Green Card) if a company supports the request. Requirements for collection: The H-1B non-immigrant could be given to applicants seeking limited access on a “particular task” that needs special job skills Visa. The “Special occupations” includes skills such as computer, study systems, programmers, database administrators, web designers, engineers, business analysts, doctors, nurses, scientists, architects and lawyers. Requests are usually submitted by employers based on their requirement as a non- resident worker in the US. The applicant may have a degree of academic degree or satisfying experience and value restriction to dispense the lack of a master.

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